The most advanced robotic pool cleaner ever made. Industry-leading pumps cycle over 4000 gallons per hour while consuming less than 90% less energy than other pool cleaners, giving you a clearer, cleaner pool.



The Aquabot REVA™ has refined the best robotic pool cleaner filtration system in the industry to capture more dirt and debris and make your pool clearer than ever thought possible. The REVA's Dual Layer Filter Basket is easy to access and captures everything from large debris to small particulate down to 2 microns - that’s better filtration than most drinking water filters!


Fewer Chemicals for a HEALTHIER CLEAN

Better mixing and filtration means that your pool stays cleaner and requires fewer chemicals, giving you a fresher and healthier clean. We believe that water starts pure and should remain as close to nature as can be so that you and your family are safe, happy and healthy.

Your pool is taken care of. Now go enjoy it.

Taking it All in DUAL LAYER

Two Layers. Double the Cleaning Power. The latest innovation from Aquabot helps REVA more debris than ever before. With Aquabot’s largest filter basket ever made at an impressive 360 cubic inches and its dual filtration system, REVA is built to clean. This dual filtration system captures particles down to 2 microns in size, leaving the water crystal clear. With two filters, it allows the REVA to capture larger debris, such as leaves and twigs, and smaller particles such as sand, algae, and other debris. The REVA combines best-in-class filter capacity with best-in-class filtration, allowing your pool to be the cleanest it can be.

pool cleaner filter
190 cubic inch debris capacity
micro brush

Clean like never before. WATERLINE CLEANING

90% off all algae and bacteria are attached to the pool wall, with the highest concentration found where the wall and water meet, also known as the waterline or scum line. While a lot of robots simply clean the wall, they fail to reach the waterline, but not REVA. Equipped with a gyroscope, REVA is able to firmly adhere to the side of the pools and reach the waterline. This high tech sensor provides the magnitude of the angular velocity around the 3 axis of rotation – roll, pitch, and yaw – giving REVA constant, precise information to the microprocessor for more effective and deeper cleaning coverage, climbing ability, and wall & waterline cleaning.

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aquabot caddy


Paving the way, REVA is equipped with a smartphone app for easy control. Whether you want to manually control REVA or schedule cleanings, controlling when and how you clean your pool has never been easier. With Pool Shape Adjustment Technology and Full Filter indicator, REVA can clean any pool at the touch of a button.

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aquabot 4 wheel drive



For years, robotic pool cleaners just randomly wandered the pool. These random patterns are inefficient and provide poor performance. That is why our engineers equipped REVA with a gyroscope to enable full control. Instead of wandering aimlessly, the gyroscope and AutoX Pool Mapping software combine to allow REVA to precisely control and monitor every movement allowing a deeper clean than ever before.

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aquabot simple operation



Quickly and easily set up REVA. Ready to go right out of the box, simply press and play. Easily set up REVA’s cleaning cycles, frequency, or even pool shape right from REVA’s app. Choose between 1.5hr, 2hr, or 2.5hr cycles, no programming required. Cleaning your pool has never been this easy.

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    "This robot cleans well, easy to clean. Cleans the whole pool in 3 hours and very simple to run, place in the pool, and remove."


    San Antonio, TX

    "My husband loves this! Such a breeze keeping our pool clean now. Easy to work and works great. Worth the money"


    Akron, OH

    "We took it out of the box, put it in the water, plugged it in, and in 3 hours the pool was spotless. Simple to use. I highly recommend this product."

    Scott S.

    Sun Valley, CA


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